Friday, October 20, 2017

Cape Fear

Sunnies: c/o HERE| Earrings: HERE| Cape: c/o HERE (sign up for a FREE four week membership HERE) or purchase directly HERE| Denim shirt: Old, similar HERE Denim jeans: Old, same brand HEREHERE| Handbag: Sold out, another version HERE| Leopard sandals: Old, similar HERE

This post is sponsored by Gwynnie Bee. All opinions shared are my own.

Alas, FRI-YAY has arrived Babes!!! I was talking to my grandma yesterday, I told her that I got my days mixed up. She said, 'You were ready for the week to be over' -  she was right! My schedule is a full one, time/days pass by rather quickly. Yet, as a general rule of thumb: I am always READY for the weekend! 
I've read those sappy quotes about creating a life that you don't need/want to escape from- but for me, no matter what kind of life I have, I will always APPRECIATE downtime to the FULLEST! Yes, I enjoy my secular work, as a whole I am happy and content with my life (give or take a few ups and downs). Still, there is no feeling comparable to the eureka that I feel when the weekend comes on, LOL! Time hanging with friends, an inordinate amount of time spent doing absolutely nothing (my personal fav), and lest we forget - legendary weekend naps. 
I LOVE TO SLEEP! Just thinking about it makes me feel gπŸ‘€d...
Now let's talk about clothes: I can remember a time when I steered away from wearing capes. Why? I felt that they were unflattering to my frame. You see, I am a full-figured woman πŸ˜‰ For quite some time this thought was promoted: 'You should never wear anything that makes you look bigger than you actually are'. I didn't want to look bigger than I was, so I discarded the handful of capes that I had, including a super cute cream colored wool cape with fox tail trim πŸ˜•...
Fast forward almost a decade later, here I am, back cloaked in a cape, thanks to my pals at Gwynnie Bee πŸ˜€ I selected this beauty for my virtual closet, you know, just to see -and wouldn't you know, I LOVE it!? Like seriously! It reminds me of a tuxedo jacket! I am thinking about purchasing it, it is a perfect fall/winter piece for Cali's version of cold weather. But if/when I do, I would size down. I found the fit to be quite generous, even with sizing down, I could still wear a chunky sweater or turtleneck underneath it.
If you are not familiar with Gwynnie Bee (also see HERE):
  • Gwynnie Bee is an online women’s clothing subscription service for sizes 10-32. Shipping is 100% free + dry cleaning  + unlimited exchanges. 
  • You add items to your virtual closet (from a seemingly endless inventory) that you'd ❤ to wear, they ship them to you in the order of your preference (the "My priorities" feature is LIFE), if you ❤ an item you can purchase it for a discounted price, OR you can mail it back for something that you ❤ even better! 
  • Truly it is a win/win, always having brand new clothing at my fingertips without the pressure of a long-term commitment feels wonderful!
You can sample Gwynnie Bee's services ABSOLUTELY FREE for ONE MONTH - sign up HERE to get started on your new wardrobe today

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask away below!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Line Up + A Contest

OTS top: Sold out, similar HERE, HERE, HERE| Skirt: c/o HERE| Suede shoes: c/o HERE | Purse: Old, similar HERE

Today's post is sponsored by Simply Be.

Hey Loves! I'm so siked that I've partnered up with Simply Be to offer YOU a chance to win a one year supply of FREE CLOTHES!!!

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🎯 I hope YOU WIN!!! 

Today's post features a lπŸ‘€k perfect for the Cali version of fall πŸ˜‰or for shall we say, 'Indian Summer'? Bare shoulders, long sleeves, midi skirt ready, and open toe shoes. Clearly it is pedicure season all year-round here! Nonetheless, I am still amazed by how quickly the temperatures can shift when the sun goes down... One minute you're sweating, and the next minute you wonder why you don't have a coat on-LOL! I scored this top at the beginning of summer this year, but I instantly knew that it would be perfect for mild fall days. I always think of alternate ways to wear a piece at the time of purchase, often what I come up with is the deciding factor. Before all is said and done, this top will also be styled with a turtleneck, preferably one that is sleeveless...
Moving on: This pinstripe skirt is a closet newbie from Simply Be, I ❤ its classic print and wrap design. Despite its simplicity, it really is a showstopper. I decided to add olive green to the red, white, and blue color trio because olive is a natural fall neutral. It can stand in well for brown and nude hues. I grabbed an old Coach bag out of my stash and hit the door.
Until next time,

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Dress: c/o HERE (sign-up today for a FREE offer)| Red blouse: Similar HERE + HERE| Sunnies: Old| Statement necklace: J. Crew
Purse: Kate Spade, older- similar HERE + HERE| Red socks: Nordstrom| Red booties: ZARA| Red lippie: HERE

With half of October behind us, it's high time to start diving into fall fashion Babes! Am I totally late to the party?! Of course I live in a mild climate...but if there is one thing that I have learned since moving west: Seize the moment whenever it strikes πŸ˜€ LOL! I grew up in a climate with four full seasons, each season brought on a new wave of fashion inspired inspiration. My very first year in California I mourned fall! Like seriously. It was extremely hot for most of the year, I found myself wanting to pull out sweaters and coats even when there was no practical need to (especially my furs). Since then the weather has shifted a bit, or perhaps my perception has shifted? Actually, I'm quite sure it is more so the latter. Perception really is EVERYTHING. Flashback: I remember a mentor shared this thought with me early in my career. I rolled my eyes up into my head and silently disagreed. But now...YES- I can totally understand what she was saying! Fast forward: Now I feel like I must have some variation of fall/autumn in my life. 
When I think of fall colors, shades of burgundy (or merlot) near the top of my list. I decided to pair two bold cousins together, adding an extra layer underneath this beautiful deep plum dress (which I've also worn sleeveless BTW). In my head red goes with everything, I have no idea why I haven't paired these two beauties together before πŸ‘€
For finishing touches I piled on more red (I've been a fan of red since I was a toddler & I have the pictures to prove it 😊) by way of silk earrings, a bold lippie, socks to add height, and my new booties (which I recently unveiled on my IG Stories)! These booties were totally made for walking - comfort & style -YESSSSS! 
Until next time,