Monday, May 22, 2017

Rainbow Bright

Sunnies: c/o HERE| Earrings: HERE| Top: c/o HERE|  Skirt: HERE| Apple purse: c/o HERE| Red sandals: Older, similar options HERE & HERE

How was your weekend Loves?! Mine was pretty good- I mean just that fact that it was a W E E K E N D makes it GOOD right?!

Today’s style story revolves around this rainbow-like beauty (actually called Vibrant by the retailer) that I spotted HERE a few weeks back. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rainbow color combination and the full/midi length design. I was skeptical about ordering it because I wasn’t sure how voluminous it would be or if its design would prove to be bulky on me… I read through the reviews and decided to throw my apprehensions to the wind- if it didn’t work out I’d simply send it back! Well it arrived and wouldn't you know that it totally met my best expectations. Don’t you love it when that happens?! 
Sidebar: Reading reviews are super helpful for me when ordering clothing online. I especially love it when I can see pictures of an item on actual customers versus the brand/retailer's model.
Back to the story: I already had an idea in mind to pair this skirt with red (my childhood favorite color – stories of which I’ve bored you with several times) and this OTS top was a perfect companion.
Actually, I have an ample selection of OTS (off the shoulder) tops right now, the thought has crossed my mind of what will I do when I’m tired of this effect (I'm a chronic planner)… The obvious conclusion is that a few favorites will make the cut- while others will be donated during my monthly purge cycle(s). Even still, have you noticed that it is a challenge to find/purchase a top nowadays that isn’t off the shoulder? Hopefully when the times comes, designers/brands/retailers will step up and get back to the business of providing regular old fashioned shirts- LOL! Until then: Long live shoulders!!!!
Ciao for now,

Friday, May 19, 2017

Let's Go Steady Again

Watch: c/o HERE πŸ’¨now offering watch engraving| Hat: Nordstrom, similar HERE| Statement necklace: Nairobi, Kenya| Top: Zara (worn HERE)
Pants: c/o HERE (size up 1)| Shoes: Vince Camuto, another option HERE (apparently this color is hard to come by now)

Alongside my very first style love, vintage fashion - lies a close runner up: bold color. If you know me personally, or have been following my style blog over the years, you may have become accustomed to seeing me clothed in bold color. However, as is the inevitable for a personality such as mine (I like to switch things up), over the years I observed a noticeable shift. What do I mean?
Well, prior to my move to the west coast, I only had a handful of black colored clothing in my possession. However, within the last two years or so, I have acquired a considerable number of black dresses/jackets/skirts/pants. My wardrobe is organized/grouped by color - I can clearly distinguish what’s what. Each month when I do my necessary closet purge (I try to follow a one in, one out rule – donating my rejects), I notice how my wardrobe has changed. What was once a vintage saturated inventory boasting every bold color and pattern, now more so consists of modern investment pieces, a dash of trends (because of the brands I work with), glimmers of vintage (hats/dresses/bags/jewelry), and a new adequate supply of dark clothing. I had to ask myself, why the shift?
Of course, there are a few reasons, but one stood out in the center of them all: The more that mainstream fashion/the blogger world became saturated with bold colors, the less interested I was in wearing them! LOL! 
But where does that leave my love for bold color?
Basically, I took a break from it. I needed time to reassess and revamp my style intentions. Alas the time has passed, and I’m back! I’ve reinvigorated my love for bold color by challenging myself to experiment with unique color combinations 😊 Today’s look is one example of such. Like who thinks to pair yellow, burgundy, and cobalt together?! Thanks to my trusty Pinterest account, I am restocked with a plethora of ideas for color loving combinations πŸ’“ I am so happy to be back together!
Have you noticed me sporting a new wood watch in my posts over the last month? Here's the scoop: I got it (FIELDCREST series) from my pals at JORD Wood Watches, whom now offers custom wood engraving! Watches are ideal graduation gifts– top that with an engraved gift – you are now equipped with a perfect touch of sentiment & meaning!
When I thought about exactly what I wanted to have engraved on the back of my watch, something that I constantly tell myself came to mind. Live in each moment, enjoy every single second possible, leave worry/planning in its proper place. After all, there is only one moment, exactly like this one.
Score this great gift for the grad in your life + check out all that JORD has to offer HERE.

Until next time Babes,

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Leather LBD Edition

Sunnies: c/o HERE| Dress: HERE| Studded handbag: Kate Spade, sold out| Suede sandals: Older, other options HERE & HERE

A few posts back, I slipped into LBD planning gear with a new scuba high-low number, HERE. My personal LBD collection is pretty solid at this point... honestly I had no intention of adding another newbie to my repertoire- that is until I came across this BABY πŸ’₯ON SALE HEREπŸ’₯ 
It suddenly occurred to me that a successful LBD collection should consist not only of varied styles, but also of varied textures! Like how did I miss that necessary fact previously?! LOL!
Seriously ladies, this dress was designed for evey exception. Even before I purchased it, I could see what a fantastic addition it would make to the fold. Faux leather, flutter sleeves, and a ruffle hem!!! 
Since I live in a relatively mild climate, the material and style of this dress makes it ideal for yearlong wear- including the colder months. I’m picturing chunky layers, textured tights, and cute booties just for starters… Even now, although we are supposedly in spring and just about one month away from the inferno of summer…I am wearing it comfortably. 
Of course once we tip into the 90s, I’ll probably retire it to the ‘Rest-up' section of my closet, meanwhile boiling over in anticipation of its next venture out πŸ‘€
For my very first run in it, I kept it simple, opting for an all black color palette, an embellished handbag + suede sandals. I got so many compliments on this! Several people even thought that it was real leatherπŸ˜€
I assured them that it was not, but it’s definitely nice to know that it looks just as good as the real thing.
Until next time Babes,

Monday, May 15, 2017

Summertime Linen with Ashley Stewart

All linen separates c/o HERE + save 40% off with code “PRIMP40”
This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP NetworkAll opinions are my own.

Summertime is on the way, a great way to beat the summer heat is wearing breathable clothing. I’ve been a fan of linen separates since high school, in fact I can remember a natural pair of linen drawstring pants that I had for close to 10 years! Linen is classically timeless and can easily go from the office to happy hour with ease.

When I decided to accept this opportunity with Ashley Stewart via PRIMP, I was honestly overwhelmed with the amount of options on their site! In case you’re not familiar with their brand, Ashley Stewart offers classic, on-trend plus size clothing, sizes 12 – 32 + currently testing sizes 34 & 36. They currently have 80+ brick & mortar stores across the States, along with a fast-growing online presence. 
The goal: Service the style needs of the fun, curvy, and confidant woman!  With so many options, I decided to take the classic route with summer in mind: LINEN!

Each featured look includes separate pieces that are fantastically versatile, summertime approved, and totally on trend. Which look is your favorite?

If you’re hankering for more Ashley Stewart style inspo, check out additional looks HERE & HERE
BTW: After successfully completing the #LoveYourCurvesTour in 2016, Ashley has launched a national competition, “Finding Ashley Stewart 2017”. The first tour stop has completed in Baltimore and the team will travel across the States for the next few months in search of the special Diva who effortlessly personifies the confidence, strength and fierceness that has become synonymous with Ashley Stewart. Click HERE for more info!

Until next time,

Thursday, May 11, 2017

In Full Bloom

Flower crown: DIY project| Dress: c/o HERE| Belt: Ralph Lauren, old| Booties: Similar HERE

We're almost there Babes: FRI-YAY is just over the horizon!!! Although this was a short work week for me, I am still anticipating the weekend. Do you have anything special planned? What about me? Well, I may hit a festival or two plus make my normal retail stops, but I'm also carving out time to do absolutely nothing - LOL!
The weather has been so inconsistent, I have no idea whether it will be hot or chilly. I guess I should check the forecast...I mean can it just be summer already?!
Switching gears: I shared on the blog last week that I had exciting plans that I couldn't fully divulge until the brand's designated time. If you follow me on Instagram you already know what they were, but in case you don't use social media I wanted to make sure that I kept you in the loop πŸ˜‰
I traveled for a few days with Charlotte Russe to host kick-offs at two new πŸ’₯exclusivelyπŸ’₯ plus size stores!!! Our schedule was packed and I was wore out- but I had such a good time!!! As soon as I get my photos together and a few from the professional photographers - I'll share them with you! In the meantime, if you're in Grand Rapids, Michigan or St. Cloud, Minnesota check out Charlotte Russe Plus!

Until next time,

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Take Me to the Tropics

Printed top & wide leg pants: c/o HERE (size up + save with code "XOJOI")| Handbag: Kate Spade, older| Statement necklace: From my trip to Kenya
When I was little, I often went on road trip with my family during the summer. A constant question that I can remember asking while enroute was: Are we there yet? Fast forward decades later, I am constantly thinking: Is it time to go on vacation again yet?! LOL! Clearly not much has changed with me 😎
When I spotted this two piece set HERE I knew that it would be perfection for an upcoming island vacation. It has a wonderful print, is lightweight, and totally tropical. 
I think I will have the top altered a wee bit (it's supposed to be a crop) along with having the length of the pants shortened. That way I can wear them with lower heels/flats whilst island hopping πŸ˜‰ But then again, I do love the billowy length- but I also don’t want to be forced to wear 4 ½ + inch heels all the time…hmmm. I guess altering the pants requires more thought...
Whichever way it goes, one thing is for sure: This 2 piece set will be on the plane with me in just a few short months!!!

Until next time,
P.S. Is it time to go on vacation again yet?!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

You're the Apple of my Eye

Sunnies: c/o HERE| Dress: Sold out, similar HERE & HERE| Purse: c/o HERE| Sandals: HERE

A basic summertime essential for me each year is a simple white sundress. I don’t subscribe to fashion rules, so I wear white all year long, including dresses, weather permitting 😍
I wore this number on a recent getaway where temperatures hovered close to 100ΰ₯¦ degrees. Fortunately for us wind gusts were considerable, making the temperatures quite pleasant and tolerable. Unfortunately for the blog, we struggled to take suitable picture w/o my hair blowing in my face-LOL!
However this bag is so cute, I felt certain that no one would mind not seeing my face for once πŸ˜„ I love cute novelty purses, this one caught my attention during an afternoon scroll session. 
Not only does red go with just about everything, but remember: 'An apple a day is keeps the doctor away'.
Another good thing about this red nugget, despite it's shape, it’s actually a  pretty good size . I was able to fit my cell phone, lipstick, and a small wallet inside comfortably- which is truly all that I ever really need to carry (despite the fact that I gravitate toward gravity defying totes πŸ’ƒ) . 
Summer is right around the corner (even if the weather doesn't know it), what items make your 'Essentials list'?
Until next time,

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Over It All

Woven hat: Nordstrom| Earrings: HERE| Overalls: c/o HERE (size up)| White tee: Old| Red booties: Old, another option HERE

I haven't worn denim overalls in forever + a day! It wasn't because I didn't want them 😁  I've actually been on the hunt for the perfect pair for over a year now. I found a few options, but when it came down to it, for some reason or another I couldn't take the plunge. 

Admission: I purposely shied away from slimmer cuts, figuring that they would look awkward on my curvy frame. I was wrong! LOL! I snagged this pair online a week ago and I tell ya- it was the best decision I could have made! I ❤ the fit and style of this distressed pair- in fact they inspire me to be diligent about adding more denim overalls to my collection πŸ˜‰

Once again the lesson is clear: Stepping outside of style norms can lead to a delightful plethora of new possibilities! There will be some hits and some misses - but the true hits are oh so worth it!

For my first go in my spanking brand new overalls, a ton of ideas rushed through my head. In fact, I almost felt overwhelmed with the options! For the sake of my sanity I opted for the minimal route, pairing them with a basic tee. But since I am not a minimalist, that didn't suffice so I added in a hat &  statement booties 😀 
I already have another idea lined up of how I'll style these on  the next go round, stay tuned Babes!!!

Until next time,